Chaos Project "ATTRACTOR 2001"

Ella Joosten, The Netherlands

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Ella Joosten is a visual artist, She is living in the South of The Netherlands, in a city called Eindhoven. There, she has a large studio, in which she works on her artistic oeuvre, full time. She is specialized in both acrylic paintings, mixed media and small objects. Her style is expressionistic, and her subjects are continuously flowing from her creative mind.

She is fascinated by shapes, while her themes simply emerge from her daily work processes. Sometimes, her paintings turned out to be very abstract, but also, she loves to make works that have clear images. She produces all kinds of different formats, from small paintings for use in homes and offices, up to large paintings aimed for factories and public meeting places.

This is what Ella has to say about her work:

"I am searching for real transformations in my works, all the time! I constantly struggle with the balance between structures, compositions, colors, contents, shapes, and contexts. I also like to switch between ratio and intuition, more than once. I can be very emotional in my work, and I accept chaos as a main source of creativity."

"Fighting my own assumptions is extremely important for me, because it brings me all sorts of new insights and solutions. Of course, my work doesn't drive in a vacuum. It cannot exist without a constant flux of inputs, coming from a fast-changing world. Amidst of that information jungle, I am working very solitary, and be very selective, at the same time."

The essential part of my work is analyzing the few things, I feel attracted to. This leads to series of paintings, in which I try to develop my artisitc understanding of complex matters. My process of working is both emotional and conceptual, at the same time. My work is an attempt to develop order out of chaos, te understand my world, and to communicate with other people."

"I frequently share artistic ideas via the internet with colleagues all over the world. There are no boundaries left! The language of art is universal"

Ella Joosten
Pastoor van Arsplein 14d/f
5622 CH Eindhoven
The Netherlands



Tel./Fax: +31 40 246 21 27 (GMT +1)

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