Holonic workshop with Laurie Fritzgerald

Saturday, february 17th, in the Sunflowerroom in AC Restaurant De Meern, fifteen members of Chaosforum.com had a fine workshop with Laurie Fritzgerald. She took her company on a trail from the Big Bang, Newton, Einstein and the quantumworld into the holonic universe of the 21st century. A world eloquently described by Ken Wilber and others, and clearly explained by Laurie.

Talking and thinking about the properties of the chaordic universe. Trying to ‘dialogue’ and enjoying the lively and sincere presence of eachother, time headed by. It was a day full of discussion, sharing ideas and connecting with the chaordic-metaphore. The theme of the workshop was: why do organizational change programmes often fail? A hot question, and a difficult one. With many dimensions. Like going inward, and at the same time relating with the outside world. We say that we know that we know, but what do we know? What is knowledge? "We live in a world full of illusions, mental models; Maya", explains Laurie Fritzgerald. "But that world is not real. We can change it. We can create new ones as we change our thinking and our actions in accordence with them. Mostly we have to slowdown our thinking and our jumping to conclusions and start looking and feeling again. I’m one of the people who try to point where and how we can look. But I don’t know the answers."