"Embracing Complexity"

-Exploring the application of complex adaptive systems to business-

Recent breakthrough in our understanding of nonlinear dynamics point to a new way of looking at the world. Visionay biologists, mathematicians, and physicists have observed common patterns, structure and dynamics across physical phenomena, where once was seen only randomness. With the simulation capabilities afforded by computers, scientist have seen that when simple object interact, they tend to self-organize into a coherent system that displays complex behaviors. The science of complex adaptive systems, or complexity, suggest that eco-systems, economies, and even social sytems may evolve according to unifying principles - principles which may explain phenoma as diverse as the spread of contagious diseases and the movement if stock market prices.

Embracing Complexity brings together visionaries from across disciplines - from the laboratory to the assembly line, in the sciences, industry, academe, and the arts - to share ideas and innovation in an environment of experimentation. Through presentations, demonstrations, informal explorations, and interaction, this gathering promisies to stimulate and inspire, and in the process to broaden networks.