Chaos Project "ATTRACTOR 2001"

Ella Joosten, The Netherlands

"Attractor" is a concept from Chaos and Complexity theoy. It typically defines a complex behavior pattern that is repeated over and over again, but each time in a slightly different way. Because the pattern can go through different phases, it is not always easy to recognize.

A live example of an attractor constitutes the four seasons. Spring, summer, autumn and winter come each year in the same order, but each time they develop differently. They are never completely the same, though everybody recognizes them easily, especially when they are compared.

This attractor concept inspired me to create a series of small art objects. I call them attractors, too! Some people describe my objects using the adjective "attractive", which is quite a complimentary interpretation, I must say.

By fusing all sorts of soft, hard, porous and transparant materials I create these little objects from scratch, and by doing so, I repeat the forms and transform them into new values. Each object is intended to surprise you, but only when you take it into your hands, and you are prepared to attentively observe it in all its details. Then suddenly it happens: The context may change, and so may you, at the same time...

In order to be able to play with them, I have designed my attractor objects as small one-of-a-kinds. It enables you to discover discretely and privately how the forms interact with each other, and how the perception of the whole is influenced by this. It may change your way of thinking instantly and totally.

I deliberately use materials shaped by Nature, like shells, crab legs and stones. The fractal patterns in those artifacts are overwhelming! I combine these natural forms with contemporary man-made products like hair clasps, marbles and wires. These parts show similar rich form rhythmes.

During the creation of my attractor objects I let go of any control. I develop no plans, nor make any sketches. I simply follow my impulses, and intuitively go through cycles of creation and destruction. And each time again I am stunned by the result: To see how a very tiny change in a detail can transform the meaning of the whole, totally and fundamentally. My work as an visual artist definitely has all the characteristics of a chaordic process.

Ella Joosten
Pastoor van Arsplein 14d/f
5622 CH Eindhoven
The Netherlands


Tel./Fax: +31 40 246 21 27 (GMT +1)

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