Mailart Project "ATTRACTOR 2001"

Ella Joosten, The Netherlands

This is a new invitation for you to participate in my mailart project "Attractor 2001", which celebrates Chaos as the main inspirational source of creativity.

My Attractor Project is a big success, thanks to the many of you who sent me their ideas. In order to continue the process, I send you a novel invitation.

The common-sense meaning of Chaos is negative: Often people associate it with a "mess". But Chaos can also be a positive thing. Chaos reigns at the borderline of creation and destruction. It is Nature's special place of birth, the beginning of a new order.

I use the term "attractor" as a title for my mail-art project, because it is a pattern that repeats itself over and over again, but each time in a slightly different way. A good example are the four seasons. Winter is never exactly the same, but it will arrive each year. Attractors can be shown as images that illustrates Chaos in all its varieties and appearances. That is what I want to receive. Complex images which show order and chaos at the same time, and which may contain "weak signals of a new order".

So, please send me a Postcard of any size, containing your personal attractor image and a statement about Chaos and order. I will send you my attractor image in return. This mail-art project has no particular deadline. A selection of Chaos Postcards will be shown at this website.

Have a look at it and discover how your individual contribution can be a main source of communication between artists and scientists in Cyberspace. Take some time to explore the enlargements, because they are real art objects, which were scanned with high precision to show all the tiny details, which are triggers in Chaos Theory.

So please, feel free to send me whatever you think about Chaos and Creativity as the main inspirations of humankind, and in doing so join the club of mail-art enthousiasts around the world, who are inspired about the unexpected and unpredicted aspects of life.

Here is my postal address:

Ella Joosten
Pastoor van Arsplein 14d/f
5622 CH Eindhoven
The Netherlands



Tel./Fax: +31 40 246 21 27 (GMT +1)

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